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Poki Games Online - Catlines
The Catlines are a small race of graceful creatures, originating from the wilds of Mythmere, and are said to be the descendants of centaur people. They are characterized by long, flexible tails and strong, muscular legs. In addition to their innate athleticism, they are skilled craftsmen. These animals are also adept hunters. Typically, the Catlines are known to take mates in pride, but are rarely seen taking a mate outside their pride.

The Catlines are generally a peaceful race, but they are quick to anger. When they are angry, they can unsheathe their claws without realizing that they have done so. Their eyes are large and gold or green coloured, and their pupils are slitted. This indicates that the Catlines have exceptional eyesight. It is believed that the wild God Magics of the ancients transformed big cats into Catlines.

Catlines are also renowned for their skill with bows and their excellent marksmanship. Among the Catline races, the males are considered socially superior to the females, and they are able to compete in staring contests. However, the females are regarded as the "pretenders," and they must prove that they are good hunters before they can be accepted into the Catline pride.

Catlines have a unique language, and their body language is often very complex. They have a distinct purring sound, which is similar to yowling. Aside from their language, their body language is characterized by different smells.

Catlines are able to do amazing feats of twisting and stretching. In fact, they are so strong that they can leap very far. Moreover, they have strong limbs and powerful bones. Their tendons are extremely elastic, which helps them in their feats of sex and stretching.

Traditionally, catlines were used to pull equipment around rigs. But modern hydraulic winches are now used instead. However, manual catheads with catlines are still in use on some rigs.

Despite the fact that Catlines are great hunters, they are not very aggressive. Those who have a mate outside of their pride usually face severe ostracism. If they do manage to mate, they are expected to leave fresh kills on the doorstep of prospective brides. Eating a fresh kill in mixed-race company may lead to an upset stomach or fainting.

Aside from their impressive physique, Catlines have a very relaxed stance. These animals tend to wear simple clothing. They are not afraid of hunting bear handed. And they prefer cooking their meat. Some even like to shine their jewellery.

The Catlins is a coastal region between Balclutha and Invercargill, and it features deserted sandy beaches and petrified forests. This region is home to many native birds, dolphins and seals. It also has hidden lakes and cascading waterfalls. Most tourists visit Nugget Point, one of the area's most popular attractions.

The Catlins is also accessible via the Southern Scenic Route. Those who want to travel the inland part of the area can take the Owaka Highway. There are also seasonal holiday communities in Maclennan and Glenomaru.